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Blue Explorer Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Blue Explorer is a Windows Explorer replacement that makes it easy to open folder and file. Current windows explorer is a clumsy TreeView on the left showing folders and a ListView on the right that supports various views of the files in a single folder with a dropdown address box above.

Blue Explorer is a typical dual pane file manager. Each pane has multi tabs. Each tab keeps a file list.You can lock the path of a tab and back to the locked path by double clicking the tab later. This is very handy.

The enhanced search function makes you can use complicated rules to search files you want.

Blue Explorer also supports ftp. You can download/upload files by dragging and dropping files between file list.

Blue Explorer provides several ways to open folder and file faster. It also provides several ways to make switch between folders faster.

The most noticeable feature is super view. You can browse multi folders in super view. This is very useful if you need view files under different folders at same time. You don’t need switch between folders from time to time. You can copy/paste/delete multi files under different folders at same time.

Another method for quick accessing is the Address Bar. You can add favorite folders to the Quick Go List at first, then directly open the folder by input part of the folder path in Address Bar. The dropdown list will automatically complete the folders according your input. This makes it easy for you to open a desired folder. You just need to remember part of the path.

Favorite tab is another way. You can organize favorite folders in the tree view. Group the folders and files, then access them freely.

Floating window is for quick copy and move files.

Blue Explorer also supports some useful tools which makes your daily work easy, such as Mass Rename files, Set Attributes of files, Synchronize Folders and so on.

This is just a brief introduction of Blue Explorer. You will find more when you try it.

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